Lauren Engineers & Constructors, ULC
  • 03-Jun-2013 to 17-Jun-2013 (MST)
  • Construction
  • Northern AB Camp , AB, CAN
  • Hourly
  • Full Time

Purpose: Lay out, fabricates, assembles, installs and maintains piping and piping systems and supports, fixtures and equipment for industrial piping systems on basis of knowledge of system operation and study of building plans or working drawings. This includes carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome and PVC systems as well as directing and training pipefitter helpers to do the same.

Work Schedule: 14 days on / 7 days off, flexible. Must have open availability any time any day of the week. Length of employment is limited to job assignment and/or project duration.

Essential Skills (may include but are not limited to the ability to)
• Practice safety rules
• Follow verbal and written instructions
• Identify power tools
• Identify hand tools
• Move, store, and transport oxy-acetylene and argon bottles
• Housekeeping clean-up procedures
• Thread pipe
• Make measurements to the 1/32" using a measuring tape
• Use power tools, drill motors, end and angle grinders, and port-a-bands
• Identify and sort nuts, bolts, and screws by size and material
• Identify threaded pipe fittings
• Perform flange make-up (torque)
• Identify socket weld fittings
• Perform basic math: add, subtract, multiply, and divide
• Identify all thread rod by size and left or right hand threads
• Read basic pipe blueprints
• Identify PVC pipe and fittings
• Identify Rigging Equipment
• Identify pipe fittings by size, type, material, and service type
• Set-Up and operate oxy-acetylene torch for heating and cutting
• Read and interpret isometric drawings
• Cut gaskets with gasket cutter
• Identify and discriminate cutting and welding gases
• Set-up and purge stainless steel pipe
• Install reinforced concrete pipe
• Fabricate PVC pipe from isometrics
• Give crane and heavy equipment hand signals
• Read and interpret hanger and support drawings
• Identify gaskets materials by size, material, type, and ratings
• Perform craft math
• Identify and sort valves by size, type, and materials
• Identify hanger components by type, kind, size, and material composition
• Install cast iron push joint pipe
• Install ductile iron mechanical joint pipe
• Basic Blueprint Reading
• Fabricate for socket weld pipe from isometrics
• Identify pipe by size, type, and wall thickness
• Transfer bench marks and layout elevations
• Perform simple rigging operations
• Install steam traps
• Use power actuated anchor gun/red head
• Fabricate threaded pipe from isometrics
• Install fabricated pipe butt weld, socket weld, and screw pipe from orthographies
• Prepare material & pipe takeoffs for butt weld, socket weld, & threaded pipe
• Fabricate butt weld pipe from isometrics
• Read and interpret pipe blueprints to erect and fabricate piping systems (Ortho, ISO, P&ID, GA)
• Fabricate pipe hanger, supports, anchors, and guides
• Install pipe hangers, supports, anchors, and guides
• Read and interpret pipe and hanger drawings
• Fabricate, weld, and fiberglass piping
• Install high pressure and high heat piping systems
• Set and install spring hangers
• Perform advanced craft math
• Work within company policy as outlined in the Lauren Services ULC Craft Handbook and in compliance with the LC Human Resources Policy Manual, LC Safety Manual and OHS Safety rules.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor as needed.

Essential Qualifications
• Three (3) years minimum Field experience in trade, with a Red Seal Trade Certificate
• Ability to do material takeoffs, figure offsets, takeoff of fittings, and rigging
• Ability to work with others to achieve job goals
• Read, write and communicate using English language sufficient to perform job functions (other preferences will be given for special language skills where there is a business need)

Physical Requirements
• Stand or walk for long periods of time
• Use arms and hands to reach for, handle or manipulate objects
• Lift and carry materials weighing up to 50 pounds; occasionally lift items weighing more than 50 pounds with assistance
• Climb up and down ladders, scaffolds and other objects
• Stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl
• See well (naturally or with correction)
• Eye-hand coordination
• Good physical fitness
• Good sense of balance
• Work at great heights

Environment: Construction Workers perform physically demanding work including lifting and carrying heavy objects, stooping, kneeling, crouching or crawling in awkward positions. Some work at great heights, or outdoors in all weather conditions. Some jobs expose workers to harmful materials or chemicals, fumes, odors, loud noise, or dangerous machinery. Some workers may be exposed to lead-based paint, asbestos, or other hazardous substances during their work especially when working in confined spaces. To avoid injury, workers in these jobs wear safety clothing, such as gloves, hardhats, protective chemical suits, and devices to protect their eyes, respiratory system, or hearing. While working in underground construction, Construction Workers must be especially alert to safely follow procedures and must deal with a variety of hazards.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Lauren Engineers & Constructors, ULC


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